The Three Kings – 3.5M HP (Each)

Kings Buff

All three Kings have a buff, with the tooltip “On death this soul releases a terrible energy”. The names of these buffs are in bold under the appropriate King.

Nightmare Humbart

  • First king that will spawn
  • This boss does melee DPS
  • Death Rally: Spawns a small AoE where he dies, just run out of it.

Nightmare Derribec

  • Second king to spawn.
  • Range DPS.
  • Soul Needle: 10 second debuff on party that does constant damage.

Nightmare Laric

  • Third king to spawn.
  • Melee DPS + Healer
  • Unholy Mending: Heal over Time on himself or an ally. Interruptable.
  • Guardian Spirit: Heals allies upon death.


There isn’t much of a strategy to this encounter. Kill each King as they spawn, remember to keep Laric’s Unholy Mending interrupted. After you’ve killed Laric, all three Kings will spawn. You should pull all the Kings on top of Derribec to be cleaved down. One of the Kings (I’m guessing Humbart) has a knock back attack, it doesn’t knock you back very far, nothing to worry about. Order of kill doesn’t matter, it may just be easier to AoE them down.

Upon the death of the second king, a large group of small adds spawns called Ancient Helot. Tank should just keep aggro of them and DPS continue to nuke the boss. These will continue to spawn.

Nightmare Fetlorn – 8M HP


  • Bone Theft “The Nightmare Fetlorn needs bones!”
    3s Cast. LoS Mechanic. For each player the boss can see will spawn an add on their position called Fetlorn Remains (249k HP).
  • Femur Swipe
    Casted attack
  • Buff: Bone Shield
    Immune to all attacks. Lasts 10s. Can be purged.
  • Boiling Marrow “The Nightmare Fetlorn’s blood boils!”
    1.5s interruptable cast, fears if not interrupted.


This is a tank and spank fight with one LoS mechanic. The room where Fetlorn is in, there is a pillar in the center, you need to tank him in front of the pillar and facing the pillar. Any melee should be behind Fetlorn and ranged should stay at the doorway. When Fetlorn casts Bone Theft the range should move to the right (or left) behind the wall to LoS him, the tank and any melee should run to the other side of the pillar, if anyone is seen, the tank should pick up the adds to be cleaved down. It is important to keep Boiling Marrow interrupted.

Nightmare Ragnoth – 8M HP


  • Chaotic Rain
    12s buff with tooltip: “Nightmare Ragnoth has become enraged, and his melee attacks deal additional elemental damage.” – Needs to be purged.
  • Tsunami
    1.8s Cast – Forward cleave attack.
  • Debuff “[NAME] is going to rain damage to nearby allies!”
    No cast, 5s debuff. This usually get puts on the tank. Any nearby players will be one shot once the debuff is gone, any players should move away.
  • Torrent of Ragnoth “Nightmare Ragnoth calls for the tide!”
    4.5s Cast. Massive AoE bubble centering from Ragnoth, 1 or 2 NPCs will spawn by one of the 4 statues in the room, you must stack on one of the NPCs to become immune to the AoE. The entire party also gets a debuff that deals heavy damage and must be cleansed immediately.


Ragnoth will always cast Chaotic Rain first thing so make sure you have someone to purge that to make it easier for the healer. If you do have any melee, they should move away when the tank gets the 5s debuff. When Ragnoth casts Torrent of Ragnoth players need to stack in the green aura provided by an NPC, if anyone is melee and stacks in the same aura as the tank, the tank needs to make sure he’s positioned Ragnoth so he won’t cleave the any of the party members. When you get inside the aura players will receive a debuff that deals heavy damage, this needs to be cleansed ASAP.

Nightmare Totek – 12.0M HP


  • Shadow Rock
    Targets a random player and places a red pulsating bubble on them, everyone needs to move out of the bubble. In 15s a boulder will come smashing down.
  • Shattering Roar
    AoE debuff, Reduces movement speed. Can be cleansed.
  • Ancient Fury “Nightmare Totek is furious!”
    9.6s Channel. Heavy AoE attack around himself.
  • Devastation
    Debuff on a random player, will knock back and damage the player when expired.


This fight is best for ranged, but can be done as melee, make sure you’re healer knows you are melee. The tank should keep him where he is, facing the orb/table thing. On Shadow Rock all players just need to move out of the red bubble, this always seems to be targeted on ranged players. Shattering Roar will always be casted before Ancient Fury so it’s important to cleanse any melee so they can run out of the AoE in time. Ancient Fury deals heavy damage, so if you see it make sure you run out of the bubble asap, the tank can stay where he is but will need to pop a cooldown. Devastation does not seem to be devastating, the knockback is annoying but the damage is little. You may be able to cleanse this.

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