Shigoroth – 8M HP


  • Rending Exhalation
    2s cast, 4s channel. Breath attack.
  • Chilling Eruption
    Knocks tank up in the air.
  • Biting Snowstorm
    20s Channel. Party wide AoE.
  • Forgotten Slayer Adds – 886k HP
    Forgotten Slayers spawn during Biting Snowstorm.
  • Dust to Dust
    Party wide AoE from a mechanic involving the adds.



Keep the boss facing away from the party. Chilling Eruption will always be casted on the tank, they will get a red bubble around them and have about 2s to move out of it otherwise they take damage and get knocked up into the air. Rending Exhalation is your average dragon breath attack.

During Biting Snowstorm everybody including the tank needs to run around, just like Artifact Zaviel’s mechanic Ensnaring Jolt in Frozen Tempest, if you stand still you take damage and a stacking debuff that increases incoming damage done to yourself. When this mechanic starts, some Forgotten Slayer adds will spawn, the tank needs to pick these up asap and the DPS should aim to get 1 or 2 adds down before Dust to Dust is cast.

Dust to Dust is the second mechanic that can wipe the group (with Biting Snowstorm being the first). Shigoroth will turn all the adds into the blue/purple/black eggs (that we know from the world boss Kaaz’ra), after several seconds have passed they will explode dealing AoE damage to all party members, the more adds that are left, the higher the damage, you can ignore this mechanic once you’re in raid gear (1000+ hit).

Tank/Healers Cooldowns

Both the tank and healer should make sure they keep their cooldowns for Biting Snowstorm. Healers should make sure they have any instant cast abilities that have a cooldown be accessible during this time, also taking Phantom Stream (Level 65 mage mastery) or equivalent on other classes that heals the ally is very helpful here. The tank should also rotate their cooldowns here since the Forgotten Slayers hit extremely hard.

Apotheon – 8M HP


  • Summon: Razorice
    2s cast. Summons an ice crystal that follows random targets..
  • Chilled Earth
    Blue bubble the boss drops on himself, deals damage to anyone inside.
  • Stomp
    Melee AoE cleave.
  • Concentration “Let me think.”
    Boss becomes inactive, crystals become active, you can jump on head to target “Concentration”.



This is a heavy movement fight for the tank. After pulling, blue bubbles will appear centering Apotheon, these are Chilled Earth. Just kite the boss out of them, this happens frequently so best strategy is to just keep moving backwards. The party should be positioned in the center while you kite the boss slowly around the area as to not get out of range of the healer.

The boss will also Summon a Razorice that will follow a random target, this will disappear after a short while.

Concentration seems to be a strange mechanic here. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t, not quite sure what triggers this, but Apotheon will emote “Let me think.” and he stands there, during this time a massive AoE bubble will be expanding centering from Apotheon, the DPS should target the same blue crystal and DPS it down, this will give you a reactive ability that when used, will make you jump onto Apotheons head. Here you can target Concentration, just DPS it down until the boss becomes active again.

This mechanic may be timed, since high DPS he does not do this.

Toknoth – 8M HP


  • Izbithu’s Digestion
    1.5s cast, ground target AoE.
  • Devour
    7s channel. Toknoth is consuming the life energy of his spawn, heals over time.
  • Foul Stench
    1.8s cast. Breath attack
  • Chest Borer
    7s debuff on random player. Minions are inside of you eating their way out. Damage over time, spawns an add at the end.



Keep Toknoth facing away from the party. The main mechanic to watch out for is Chest Borer, this leaves a 7s debuff on a random player that deals heavy damage over time. Healers need to make sure they throw some heal over time and instant heals on the player. At the end of the debuff, an add will spawn, tank needs to make sure to pick this up.

DPS should switch to the add if you’re party is not in raid gear (1000+ hit).

During Devour, Toknoth will run to a random egg and start to eat it, this will last 7s and will heal Toknoth, again, if you’re not in raid gear the DPS should be swapping to this egg to avoid the boss from healing too much.

All party members should watch for Izbithu’s Digestion, this is a ground target AoE that stays on the ground for several seconds, it is a green colour.

Cosmologist Mann – 8M HP
Heart of Izbithu – 8M HP


  • Cosmologist Mann: Icy Grip
    1.5s cast, pulls all party members towards him, 5s debuff (slow), deals heavy damage. Must be interrupted!
  • Cosmologist Mann: Frostbite
    5s cast. Party wide AoE, stand in blue circle.
  • Cosmologist Mann: Chilling Gaze
    5s channel, beam on a random player, run out/kite it.
  • Heart of Izbithu: Acid Fling
    Targets random player, puts a small ground target AoE on their position.
  • Heart of Izbithu: Soul Storm
    5s channel, debuffs the party with a DoT that stacks the longer the channel goes on. Must be interrupted!
  • Cosmic Shield
    Buff, invulnerable to incoming damage, either one of the bosses will have this, swap targets.



This is probably one of the most difficult encounters in an expert. The first thing to take note of is Cosmic Shield. After a short while, one target will have this buff and you will need to swap targets throughout the fight.

You will also need to set-up interrupts, one for Cosmologist Mann and another for Heart of Izbithu. Cosmologist Mann casts Icy Grip which needs to be interrupted, if he finishes the cast, all players get pulled in, deals damage, leaves a debuff that slows movement speed, and he also has a small AoE that centers around himself. The other ability that needs to be interrupted is Soul Storm by Heart of Izbithu, every second this is channeled gives a damage over time stack debuff on all party members.

Acid Fling while interruptable, doesn’t need to be interrupted. Players should just move out of the green AoE left behind. Chilling Gaze is also easy, just run out of the beam until it’s gone.

The last mechanic is Frostbite, a large blue circle will appear, run into the circle as soon as possible (interrupt your own casts/channels if you have to) otherwise you get one shot by Frostbite. You have 5s to run into the circle.

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